Alexander Konshin

I’m Alexander Konshin

a deep learning engineer and musician

I work at helping to build computer vision algorithms and services. I'm interested in deep neural networks and try to apply them to video summarization, its temporary segmentation, and tagging. Also, I want to try an audio analysis. For example speech recognition or music generation. Luckily, this is connected to my other activity.

Under the alias BOREJ I write dramatic electronic music. Last year I released an album called Aurora. For now, I dream to create songs album and make a soundtrack to a videogame.

You can usually find me on the internet as @sashulyak .

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Recent Projects

How We Learned How to Divide Videos Into Scenes Using Tricky Math (RU) — At I have implemented the algorithm, which divides videos into semantic scenes. This article is about how I accomplished it and made an evaluation of the speed and accuracy of the algorithm. The source code of the implementation is available on Github .

How I got inspired by Half-Life and Dan Simmons — and recorded an album (RU) — The story about how my first music album was made. I describe all the stages from idea to mastering and release.